Appliance Safety

Be Gas Safe

Have your gas appliances had their winter check-up?

It’s time to get your appliances serviced.

Gas appliances, like most other appliances in your home, require regular servicing by a licensed gas fitter or manufacturer’s technician to ensure they are operating efficiently and safely. A faulty or poorly maintained gas appliance can not only cost you money, it could pose a safety hazard by emitting dangerous carbon monoxide.

Here are a few tips on how to care for those appliances in your home:

Service regularly
Most manufacturers recommend that their gas appliances are serviced every two years by a licensed gas fitter or qualified factory technician. So, why not make the call and book in now.

Check your gas appliances
Refer to your owner’s manual for more information about maintenance or visit the Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association website to quickly find a licensed gas fitter in your area.

Flue pipes
If your appliance is vented externally, flue pipes should be checked for damage. Holes or loose fitting joints require immediate attention. If your flue needs servicing, call a licensed gas fitter to have it cleaned or repaired.

Hoses and connections
Check the hose on your portable gas heater, as they can become damaged or deteriorate with age. The bayonet connections should also be examined for damage. Have your gas fitter replace any faulty hoses or connections before use.

Check your air filters
Air filters and fans can become blocked by lint and dust. Depending on the make and model of gas heater, you may be able to clean the air filter yourself. Please consult your owner’s manual to see if this is recommended and how to do it.

For more handy tips on how to keep your gas appliances running safely and efficiently, download our PDF.



  • FOLLOW the manufacturer’s recommended servicing periods. For newer appliances it is usually every one to two years. If your gas appliance is more than ten years old it should be serviced annually.
  • DON'T use any gas appliance, other than a heater, to warm your house. Using a stove or oven to heat your home can be extremely dangerous.
  • KEEP barbecues and patio heaters outside in a well-ventilated area.
Reg’s Winter Gas Safety Tips


Find a gas fitter

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Contact a manufacturer

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What to do if you smell gas

Follow our instructions and call 13 13 52.