How ATCO will use my feedback.



Your consent

We plan to publish stakeholder feedback on our stakeholder engagement website and may include some submissions, or reference information contained in submissions, in the final access arrangement proposal that we submit to the Economic Regulation Authority.

Your consent will continue until you inform us that you want to withdraw it, and at that point, we will not publish your feedback in any further material. If you have a preference on how you would like your feedback referenced, please let us know in your submission.


Your Confidentiality and Privacy

Please let us know in your submission whether you wish us to treat all or any part of your feedback as confidential. Where a submission contains only some confidential or commercially sensitive information, you may consider providing a public version of the submission with a clear indication of where the confidential information is included.

The Economic Regulation Authority provides guidance on how it treats confidentiality claims on its website ( The information on the ERA website indicates that your submission may still be disclosed under the terms of the Economic Regulation Act 2003 or the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (or any other applicable written law), despite being marked as confidential.

ATCO has a Privacy Policy to provide individuals about whom we collect or receive Personal Information with information about how we collect, hold and use that Personal Information. Our privacy policy is available on our website at: