2020-24 Plan

Five Year Plan


ATCO’s prices for the gas supply network are overseen by an economic regulator – the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA).

Every five years we submit our plan and proposed prices for consideration and approval. Our programs are designed to ensure gas remains safe, reliable and affordable – now and in the future.

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Planning for growth

Residential customers are already enjoying the benefits of a competitive gas market, with deep price discounts offered by retailers. Our 2020-24 Plan continues to support competition.

We’re also doing our bit to keep gas distribution prices as affordable as possible, by balancing investment with affordability.

Gas Bill graph

The price of safety

A safe and reliable gas network requires maintenance – valves must be checked, ageing gas mains replaced and pipelines looked after. And that will always require investment.

However as one of the most efficient gas distributors in the country, ATCO’s 2020-24 Plan manages to keep price rises to a minimum. For the average household, throughout the five year period the monthly gas distribution cost will increase by only around $1.17.

95% approval

We’ve consulted with customers big and small, and 95% supported our proposed program of works.

For around $14 more a year per household (on average) future proofs WA’s gas network.

The Review Process

Our 2020-2024 Plan discusses ATCO’s investment plans for the WA gas network which incorporates feedback we received from our customers and industry through our extensive consultation process.

In September 2018, we submitted our 2020-24 Plan to the ERA for approval.

In April 2019, the ERA released its Draft Decision on ATCO’s 2020-24 Plan and called for feedback.

In early June 2019, in response to the ERA’s Draft Decision, ATCO provided our 2020-24 Revised Plan to the ERA. A summary of our 2020-24 Revised Plan is available here.

We encourage all interested parties to provide feedback to the ERA on our latest response and 2020-24 Revised Plan.

All relevant documents can be found on the ERA’s website.

In the meantime, if you have any questions on aspect of this process, please contact us at haveyoursay@atco.com.au