About ATCO


Your gas supply network is in safe and experienced hands.

ATCO is part of the worldwide ATCO Group of companies and has a long history in the efficient and responsible management and distribution of energy.

In Western Australia, ATCO owns and manages over 14,000km of distribution pipelines that deliver natural gas to over 750,000​ homes and businesses across the state.

We also install, read and maintain the gas meters that measure how much gas businesses and households use.

We take a long-term view of WA’s natural gas pipeline, continuing to reinvest in the network and explore clean energy technology. And that takes serious planning and capital.


Gas Retailers

We cover the costs of providing and maintaining the gas distribution network by charging the companies (retailers) that sell gas to your household or business.

Our network charges make up around a third of a typical residential consumer’s gas bill.

ATCO does not set retail gas prices, but the fee we charge retailers to safely deliver the gas to your home is incorporated into their price.

2020-24 Plan

Our 2020-24 Plan builds on the 2020-2024 Draft Plan we published on 1 May 2018 and the feedback provided on the Draft Plan by our customers and stakeholders.


Customer Consultation

Understanding your needs is crucial. Learn about the steps we took, to get community feedback on our plans and pricing.


WA’s Energy Future Report

To prepare policy makers for an uncertain future we've explored scenarios to satisfy energy demand while reducing emissions.